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4 Penis Enlargement Herbs That You Should Know About

Penis Enlargement Herbs

There are several ways that men could possibly increase the size of their penis. This is important for millions of men all over the world because size really does matter for a lot of them.
best productsThe thing is, even those men who have an average sized penis stillwish to have it larger and wider. A couple inches or so would always be a good thing to have especially for a penis size.

Since there is always that constant need for men to find means of getting their penis enlarged, they are continually looking for the best products, treatments, devices and other techniques to get them towards their goal.

The scary part about using certain products, treatments and devices is that some of them may claim to work but could actually cause damage to their genital area.

For men who want to somehow increase their penis size even for a couple centimeters and inches, there are also penis enlargement herbs that could help out.

herbs for penis enlargementBut before we start talking about herbs for penis enlargement, why don’t we get familiar with the penis and other possible ways that it could increase in size so that you have more background knowledge about your male genital organ and its possibilities for enlargement

What Are Other Facts About The Penis That Should Be Known?

Since your penis is part of your body, you are the sole owner of it. But even if you see it every single day of your life and born with it attached to your body, do you really think that you know everything about your male genital organ? For some, they might claim to know it all since they see it every day.

But the fact of the matter is, even if you see your penis throughout the entire day, there are some facts about it that might surprise you even till this day.

The Following Are Facts About Your Penis That Most Men Did Not Have A Clue About Until Today.

  • oral sexThe word “penis” came from a Latin word that means tail
  • The word “penis” was adopted by the English language in the 17th century. But prior to the word adoption, a penis signified a “yard”
  • 1 out of 400 men are actually flexible enough to give themselves oral sex
  • It is possible for some babies to be born with two penises and that medical condition is also known as “Diphallia” which is also known to be penile duplication.
    This is a very rare medical condition that occurs in 1 of every 5 to 6 million males throughout the world
  • Men could actually fracture their penis. This occurs in around 200 Americans every year and its causes are violent masturbation and sexually intercourse and sexual acrobats
  • The order of a man’s ejaculation depends on their spinal cord and not the brain
  • On average, a man can eject around 1 to 2 teaspoons of cum per orgasm
  • Each 1 to 2 teaspoons of cum contains around 7 calories
  • 11 erections occur for an average male throughout the course of an entire day
  • Remember the myth about the penis size depends on the man’s feet size, well forget about it because it is not true

What Products and Devices Are Available In The Market For Penis Enlargement?

If you have been constantly trying to find ways to enlarge your penis, you might already have an idea of the endless list of products and devices that aim to get the job done.

Some may actually give off more length and width while others are just placebos and might not even work.

Penile enlargement pillsThe following are the products and treatments available out in the market today that could somehow increase the size of the penis.

  • Manual exercises that are known to stretch out the penis’ muscle tone and structure
  • Penile enlargement pills
  • Penile enlargement patches
  • Penile enlargement ointments and lotions
  • Physical methods such as techniques to somehow elongate the penis by the use of small weights to increase its blood flow
  • Penis pumps
  • Jelqing which is a physical-therapy method for “natural penis enlargement”
  • Clamping which uses a constricting device. But it is a dangerous treatment to use
  • Surgery

Are There Such Things As Penis Enlargement Herbs?

Throughout many centuries, many countries have used natural herbs to heal certain sexual dysfunctions. Such conditions like erectile dysfunction, small penis size, low sperm count, small penis width, decrease libido and many more have been treated using some herbs.

An advantage about using herbs for penis enlargement is that it is safe for many men to use because of how natural it is.

erectile dysfunctionSince most products such as pills and supplements have chemicals included in them, with prolonged use, those chemicals could cause a toxic effect to the human body.

The following are natural male enhancement herbs that you could ask your health care professional about:

The 4 Essential Herbs:

1. Tongkat Ali
This herb is known to increase the size of the penis and also testosterone levels.It is said to trigger the Leydig cells within the testicles which could result in increased girth, length, width and sperm count. Many body builders use this herb because of its natural muscle mass gains also.

2. Butea Superba
natural ingredients
This is another herb known to help in increasing the penis size. It contains natural ingredients that increase the dilation of the blood vessels in the penis.

It could also boost the sex drive and erection of many men giving them more energy and stamina.

3. Cistanches
This ancient herb is one of the sexual classic herbs known to increase the penis’ size. It brings more blood flow throughout the penis and the entire genital area.
4. Xanthoparmelia ScabrosaThe Chinese believe in this herbs result of treating men with erectile dysfunction. It causes vasodilation and also increases the blood circulation to the penis while giving the penis more length.

If you want to go the more natural way, there are penis enlargement herbs that you could use.

Once you talk to your doctor about your possible options, ask them about what products, treatments, devices and herbs you could use to increase your genital size.

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