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Penis Enlargement Massage: Simple Strategies That Work

Penis Enlargement Massage

Now men, let’s be honest, do you wish that you had a larger penis? For around 98% of you who stumbled upon this question the answer will most likely be a yes. There is probably no man in the world that did not wish for their penis size to increase a couple inches or two. However, after many years of uncertain and sometimes out of this world penis enlargement attempts, there are a couple products, treatments and devices that could work for some men.

For the men who are still hoping for that miracle product and / or treatment, they could still have their chance on finding an option that might just work for them.

penis enlargement creamsSure, you have probably heard of the penis enlargement creams, oils, potions and pills that claim to work their magic on the male genitalia. But have you ever just questioned yourself if these companies are doing false advertising on a product that does give off any positive results?

That is the reason why you have to be aware of other options such as treatments where in you do not have to take in ingredients that are unknown to you.

Learn about penis enhancement in general and also about penis enlargement massage and how it could benefit men who want to enhance their package.

How Small Is Considered A “Small” Penis?

Most men actually think that their penis is smaller than the average size. But the truth is, what they have is probably average or even more than average. The typical penis that is fully erected is around 5 to 6 inches long with a 4 to 5 inches circumference. For those men with flaccid penises, there are different variations in terms of their size.

penile dysmorphic disorderDid you know that there are some guys that really do penises smaller than average? Like much smaller than average. There is such condition called a micro penis where in the man at full erection is at or under 3 inches.

This is a rare condition that could be caused by hormones and even genetics. Other factors that could make a penis smaller than usual are surgeries for prostate cancer and / or Peyronie’s disease.

The thing is, even men at average or above average sizes still think that their penis is not large enough. Psychology plays a big role in how people think and that is one of the reasons why men constantly obsess about thinking that their package is not big enough.

There is even a psychiatric condition called penile dysmorphic disorder wherein a man has a perceptual distortion of how their penis looks even though it really is not as small as they think.

penis enlargement surgeryThere was even one study that revealed that most men who had this psychiatric condition were the men who underwent penis enlargement surgery, and even after was still left unsatisfied with their results.

What Is Penis Enlargement Massage?

One technique that men could consider to try out for penis enhancement is stretching and careful massaging of the penis every single day for at least 1 to 20 minutes every time.

The reason why massage is said to help in increasing the penis size is because massages could boost up the blood circulation and also increase the blood to the male reproductive organ mainly the erectile tissue. The erectile tissue engorges as it fills up with blood when a man is sexually aroused.

There is a theory that the erectile tissue that holds more volume of blood could naturally stretch itself out thus resulting in a larger penis size, both erect and even flaccid.

better erection qualityMassage is one natural and safe method that has been done for many years to increase the penis size.This technique is a natural way of healing and has been used to increase the blood flow and blood circulation in all parts of the body.

Massage could also help clean out the blood carried within the vessels and help increase the aptitude of the penis to hold in more blood for a better erection quality which could lead to a more enjoyable sexual experience.

How Does Penis Enhancement Massage Work?

Keep in mind that massaging the penis is not like masturbation. The massage is considered as an exercise technique that could be part of a man’s day to day regimen with an ultimate goal to enhance their penis size.

For a penis massage, you need to make sure you have good lubricants so that you will not cause any skin irritation during the process. Make sure to do the massage at least 5 times every week for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

What Are The Steps For The Massage For Penis Enhancement?

Use lubricationBefore starting with the massage, make sure that your penis is only partially hard. If it is fully erected you could ejaculate which will not be part of the massaging process.

There is also no need to make contact the head of the penis. Warm up the penis with a warm towel (not hot) so that the blood could naturally flow to the head of the penis.

Once the penis is erected partially, lubricate your forefinger and thumb and grip it at the base of your penis. With a firm pressure, go up and down just beneath the head of the penis and release it. Proceed by alternating your hands so that you keep up a smooth and rhythmic movement. Each movement should be around 3 seconds or more.

At medium strength for the first week, try to do 200 to 300 strokes daily. For the next week, try out 300 to 500 strokes at medium to full strength. And as the weeks go on, do 500 or more as strong as you can. Take note that you should not feel any discomfort or irritation when doing the massage. Use lubrication as needed so that you do not irritate the skin.

A penis enlargement massage could be the method that could work for you if you want to get a larger penis. Remember to be patient and to ask your health care provider about other techniques that you could try out.

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