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Penis Enlargement Pump: 5 Steps to Enlarge Your Penis

Enlarge Your Penis

When it comes to men and their size ‘down there,’ everything is all about length or ‘how big they are.’But did you know that women are more concerned with the performance and endurance in bed rather than in size?

Apparently for men, size and performance go hand in hand that they turn to various products that can address both issues.

risks and benefits One of the many ways to increase the size of your member is by using a penis enlargement pump.

But does it really work? What are the risks and benefits associated with it? Is it the safest method of enlarging your member?

Read on to find out.

What Is A Penis Enlargement Pump?

Also known as a vacuum constriction device or VCD, a penis enlarger pump is a type of external pump with a band that helps men with erectile dysfunction to get and maintain an erection.

It is an acrylic cylinder with a pump that is attached directly to the end of the penis and a constriction ring or band placed at the end of the cylinder which will be attached to the base of the penis.

The cylinder and pump can create a ‘vacuum’ that forces blood flow into the penis in order to get an erection while the band or constriction ring is used to keep the member standing up. 

How Does It Work?How Does It Work?

Penis enlargement pump is easy to use and requires only a few simple steps. Here is a step by step procedure on how to use a penis pump.

The 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Place the pump over the penis. It can
  2. either be by hand or run on batteries.
  3. Pump the air out of the cylinder to create a vacuum. The vacuum will help draw the blood into the shaft of the penis, make it swell and eventually makes the penis become erect.
  4. Once the penis is standing up, slide the band onto the base of your member.
    You can also use a lubricant to make it easier for you to put the band or constriction ring.
  5. Remove the pump after releasing the vacuum.

Placing the penis pump can take only a few minutes. Once you are able to get the desired erection, you are now ready to have sex.Keep in mind that the band can be left on for a maximum of 30 minutes only. Anything beyond 30 minutes can result to penile injuries.

At the same time, look for male enhancement pumps that have a ‘quick release’ feature so it will be easier for you to remove the device. 

Why Should You Use A Penis Pump?

maintain an erectionA lot of men think that male enhancement pumps are just to help you maintain an erection or increase the size of their member. However, there is more to that.

In fact, penis enlargement pumps help men with certain health conditions that have a hard time getting a proper blood circulation in their area down there. In other words, it has been helping millions of men, both the healthy and sick ones.

So why should you use a pump? Here’s why.

  • If You Are Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction, which affects millions of men around the world, penis pump can be your best friend.
    This is particularly useful if you are not responding to all the treatments for ED.
  • It Is Effective. Using the device can be difficult for first timers.
    But once you get used to it and with correct usage and practice, pumps can be effective in helping you get and maintain an erection that is sufficient for sex.
  • It Has Fewer Side Effects. You do not have to drink oral tablets with unknown ingredients and never-heard-before herbs.
    As a matter of fact, the risk of side effects is lower compared to the other treatments. Just make sure you use the pump properly and not for more than 30 minutes to avoid injuries.
  • It Is Cheaper. Unlike tablets or surgical procedures, the cost penis enlargement pump is lower. It is a one-time purchase, unless the pump decided to retire.
  • It Is Non-invasive. This means you do not have to go through surgery or insert or inject something in your member.
  • erectile dysfunctionIt Can Be Combined With Other Treatments. A penis pump can be used in combination with other treatments. It will not pose any threat if you are taking medications or going through penile implants when you decide to use a pump.
  • It Helps Men With Certain Health Conditions.
    Aside from erectile dysfunction, there are other health conditions that prevents men get and maintain an erection.
    If you are suffering from diabetes, poor blood flow to the penis, Peyronie’s disease or any psychological issues, penis enlargement pump can help.
    If you recently went through a prostate surgery or radiation therapy, penis enlarger pump can also help. 

Are There Any Risks?

Like any other products invented, penis pump also comes with risks and side effects too. However, keep in mind that these risks are fewer and less serious compared to other penis enlargement methods.

Some of the risks are:

  • BleedingBleeding. If you take blood-thinning medications or over the counter pain relievers, then you are at risk of bleeding.
  • It May Not Work For Other Health Conditions. If you have sickle cell anemia or any other blood disorder that makes you more prone to blood clots or bleeding, then male enhancement pumps may not be for you. 

Side effects from using the device include:

  • Numbness or bluish-colored skin brought by the band.
  • Pain or bruising especially when the pump is not properly placed.
  • Pinpoint-sized red dots due to bleeding under the surface of the skin of the penis.

Most men who use penis enlargement pump report a feeling of awkwardness or unnatural feeling of erection. Still, penis pumps are effective in helping men in keeping their member up and that is more important.

Does It Really Work?

Yes. A penis pump improves the oxygenation of penile tissues and enhances blood flow into your member. As a result, there is an increase in penile length and preserve the erectile function. However, the results may be temporary.

If you have been using the pump regularly, there can be in increase in length. But once you stop, the size will go back to its normal state.

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