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Penis Enlargement Surgery: 4 Questions Men Need to Ask

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Are you always worried about your size and length down there? If yes, then do not be ashamed. There are millions of men around the world who feel the same thing.This is because a lot of men think that the longer their size is, the better their performance in bed. Sadly, that is not always the case.

In fact, bigger member does not equate to better performance. At the same time, most women are more concerned with how well you perform and not how big you are.

better performanceStill, there has been a growing market when it comes to penis enlargement. And one of the available procedures is penile enhancement surgery.

Learn about the penis enlargement surgery before and after and find out if this is the right option for you.

1. What Is The Size Of The Normal Penis?

When it comes to size, there is no such thing as “right size” penis because every man is different. In fact, your size and shape will not be the same with the other men. Still, the average penis length is 2.5 to 4 inches when in flaccid state and 5 to 7 inches when fully erect.

There are factors that can make your penis smaller. Even if you are not born with congenital abnormalities such as micropenis, obesity, feeling cold and getting anxious can cause your size to be temporarily smaller.Again, it is not just about the size. Keep in mind that understanding and knowing your partner’s sexual needs are more important than how big you are. 

2. What Is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

enlarge your penis Also known as phalloplasty, penis enlargement surgery is a type of procedure that can help enlarge your penis permanently.

It involves the alteration of penile tissue to help extend your penis or injection of fat to increase the overall width circumference.

Penis enlargement does not only correct physical issues with your member but also psychological concerns. At the same time, it can help you address issues that result from insecurities about your size down there.

There are two types of major procedures:

  • Penile Lengthening. The primary aim of this procedure is to exteriorize the hidden part of your penis.
    It involves cutting the ligaments at the base of the penis through low abdominal incision.
    These ligaments will act as “ropes” to allow your penis to grow in length in a natural way.
    Then a tissue will be placed between the pubic bone and your lengthened penis.
  • surgery resultsGirth Enlargement. Some men want a wider penis and this type of procedure is most recommended.
    It uses fat grafts from stomach, thigh or buttocks to widen the erectile cylinders of your member.
    The fat grafts can either be injected or inserted beneath the skin of the shaft.
    This type of penis enlargement surgery results to increase in diameter including the shaft and back inside the tissues within the intra-pubic region.

These two procedures can be done simultaneously or individually depending on your needs. 

3. What Happens In Penis Enlargement Surgery Before And After?

Now that you know what type of procedures you can avail of, you should also know what to expect in penis enlargement surgery before and after.

Before The Surgery

Before you go through any surgery, talking to a qualified and reputable surgeon and telling him your expectations is a must.Ask all questions and relay all your concerns about the procedure.As much as possible, keep yourself informed with the possible risks, complications and benefits of your chosen procedure.Aside from this, inform your doctor of your medical history.

qualified and reputable surgeonAny past and present health conditions and allergies must also be disclosed to avoid potential risks. He should also take a “before” picture for comparison purposes.

Before the surgery itself, you will be advised to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol for at least two weeks.

During The Surgery

The procedure only takes a maximum of 2 hours depending on the type of treatment and results you want. Prior to the surgery itself, your genital area will also be shaved so it will be easier for the surgeon to perform the procedure. You will also be placed under local anesthesia with IV sedation during the penis enlargement surgery.

If you decide to have your member lengthened, an incision will be made on the base of the penis, cutting the ligament running from the pubic bone to the top of the penis.This can cause your member to increase up to 2 inches.The ligament will be re-attached and a flap of the skin from the pubic bone area will be used to cover the new extension.

If you choose to increase penis girth, it can be done in two ways:

  • remove fat from thighA liposuction procedure will be done to remove fat from thigh or abdomen. This fat will be transferred to your penis, usually under the skin of the penile shaft, through an injection.
    This is less preferred since 90% of the liposuctioned fat will be re-absorbed by your body and can disappear within a year.
  • Placing grafts of dermis, a layer of tissue from under the skin surface that is well supplied with blood vessels. Fats from groin or buttocks will also be placed within the penile shaft.

After The Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery after requires you to rest and recovery for at least one week before returning to your usual activities.You must also stay away from exercise and sexual activity for at least a month.However, there is no need to worry about urination and erection ability after surgery.

painkillersAside from this, you should do the following to avoid infections or bleeding:

  • Use painkillers.
  • Massage your penis everyday to prevent asymmetry or formation of lump. An oil, petroleum jelly or anything similar can help.
  • Try using penis extenders as per doctor’s instructions. ProExtender is one of the penile extenders that are safe and effective to use with no reported side effects.
  • Contact your doctor immediately if you notice any bleeding or sudden increase in pain.

Having the right mindset and keeping yourself prepared physically and mentally for the penis enlargement surgery before and after is very important. At the same time, always make sure you are in your healthiest condition to avoid any complications.

4. Is There A Safer Alternative To Penis Enlargement?

The answer is yes. Why would you want to subject yourself to risky and complicated procedures when ProExtender Penis Enlargement System is there to give you a helping hand?

ProExtenderWhether you have a crooked penis or you simply want to have a longer size, ProExtender can help. In fact, it is used and recommended by physicians in 29 countries including USA, UK, Australia and Spain.

And the best part? It also comes with supplements made of safe and natural ingredients to make sure you will get your desired size.Aside from this, ProExtender is safe to use with no adverse effects on your erection, performance, urination and even your sperm count. Give ProExtender a try and be amazed with the results.

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