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Penis Enlargement: 5 Methods That Work Wonders for Men

Wonders for Men

Come on guys. Ever since you saw those penis enlargement ads and email messages, you are tempted to try at least one of those methods even for a few months.And even if you do not want to admit it, you wish you have a bigger size down there just so you can give your partner enough pleasure in bed.

does penis enlargement work?According to many urologists, penis enlargement is one of the biggest concerns among men. In fact, a lot of men will surely line up just to get a taste of what method really works.

This is because most men feel that the bigger they are down there, the better they can perform in bed. But the real question is “does penis enlargement work?” And if it does, what method can promise you results? Read on to find out.

Does Penis Enlargement Really Work?

Of course, for as long as you choose the right method. Although some experts believe that penis enlargement is just a hoax and there is no FDA-approved drug that can surely increase the size of your manhood, you cannot deny the fact that there are methods that really works.

So before you spend the next hundred dollar bills in your bank account, here is a penis enlargement guide on what really works or not.

The 5 Methods:

  • erectile dysfunctionVacuum Pump. This is classic when it comes to penile enhancement. It consists of a cylinder attached to a pump that sucks out the air creating a vacuum.
    Then you put your member inside, with the vacuum drawing extra blood into your penis to make it stand up.
    To keep it in that state, a ring will be placed on the base of your penis to prevent the blood from escaping.
    Vacuum pump does work.
    In fact, it is medically used by those who have erectile dysfunction. However, it does not address any of your issues and the erection will only be as good as how long you keep the ring in your member.
    Also, the ring should be in place for a maximum of 30 minutes only to prevent tissue damage.
  • Penis Weights And Exercises. Guys, your member does not have muscles in it. Hence, “bulking it up” using weights can be impossible.
    Still, there are certain devices which you can hang on your penis for 8 hours everyday that can work. However, extra care is needed since it can also damage your penile tissues.
    Exercises such as jelqing or stretching can also do the trick. It involves yanking of your member for 30 to 60 minutes a day without your penis getting erect. Therefore, a lot of self-control and discipline is needed to make it effective.
    Weights and exercises may work. However, make sure to do it correctly and properly to avoid complications such as bursting blood vessels or penile tissue damage. You do not want to go through surgery just to fix it, right?
  • Over The Counter Products. This means penis enlargement pills, supplements, creams, lotions or any other enhancement products you can buy in the drug store or online.
    Some products contain Yohimbe, a herbal Viagra which can be dangerous to your body.
    There are also a lot of scam companies that claim to make your size bigger, only to find out that they stole not just your money but also your health.
    On the other hand, there are still OTC products that work. This is because it contains essential herbs and vitamins such as Vitamins C and E, ginseng, ginkgo biloba and L-Arginine which are proven to boost your sex drive.
    The key is choosing the right pill for you. Hence, make it a point to do your research, read customer reviews or ask recommendations from your doctor on what product really works.
  • Penis Enlargement Surgery. Penis Enlargement SurgeryThere are two basic types of this kind of surgery: lengthening and widening the penis.
    In lengthening surgery, the suspensory ligament that connects your member to your pelvis will be cut off.
    This is because the ligament holds back some of the penis shaft that is hidden in your body, making your size look shorter.
    When you go for the widening procedure, either fats from certain portions of your body will be injected to the penis or an implanted allograft will be used to make your member wider.
    Between the two, the allograft provides better results since the injected fat tends to be absorbed by the body within a year from surgery.
  • Weight Loss. This is perhaps the most natural way to make your size look bigger. Being on the heavy side can make your penis look smaller than the average because of the hidden shaft underneath those fats.
    Hence, losing those extra pounds can really help a lot. Plus, eating healthy and exercising regularly can really help a lot not just in your weight but also in your sex life and stamina.

What Are The Risks And Side Effects Of Penis Enlargement?

Before you consider any of the mentioned penis enlargement techniques, it is important to look into the risks and side effects too. There are several studies that suggest all of the said techniques, except for weight loss, have associated risks. Some of the risks are:

  • Loss of normal erection angleBleeding
  • Penile tissue damage
  • Bursting of blood vessels
  • Scarring
  • Infections
  • Loss of normal erection angle
  • Decrease in sensation
  • Complications with drug medications

Is There A Proven Method That Can Enhance Your Penis?

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