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Penis Girth Enlargement: 6 Facts All Men Should Know

increase your penis girth

Have you been constantly contemplating about how to possibly increase your penis girth? Now, this is probably a question that has been running though the minds of many men.

If you are one of those men that want to find out how to increase penis girth, then this article is for you.

Nowadays, there are a few techniques and products that could give penis girth enlargement.Since so many men are constantly looking for ways to somehow increase their penis size, there have been many companies that have tried to formulate some sort of a product and/or treatments to reach that goal.

penis girth extender productSome may be quite successful while others do not do much. In this article, learn about more facts about your male genital organ and also about possible penis girth extender products and/or treatments that could work for you.

Have more knowledge about possible ways you can try out to increase the length and even the width of your “manlihood”.

Six Facts About Your Penis

If you area man and currently reading this article, you might think that you know everything there is to know about your package.

Although you may know how it looks and what is “pleasurable” to you sexually, there are other facts about it that you probably never knew which is completely normally because these facts are not known by every man out there.

1. The Etymology Of The Word “Penis”

Etymology Of The Word “Penis”You probably never thought about where the word “penis” actually came from. In reality, it actual came from the Latin word for “tail”.

The word “penis” was only adopted into the language of English up until the 17th century. Before that time, the word “penis was actually understood to mean a “yard”.

2. The Average Penis Size Is Actually….

You might have heard about different sizes of the male genital organ that is considered average.With all the numbers thrown out, you do not know what is real.

But according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it is said that the average penis size of American men is around 5.6 inches in length when it is erected.

3. Erections Are A Very Good Thing To Have!

 Now this is a fact that came from studies on the topic. Just like exercise is good for people to keep fit and in shape, erections are a great way to keep the penis healthy and in shape also.

sexual activitiesIt is the form of “exercise” that it should get regularly which makes masturbation and sexual activities safe and healthy for an average male.

Erections could actually maintain the penis’ healthy muscle tone and also receives its nourishment since an erection increases the blood flow and oxygen to the genital area.

Another fact about erections is that it helps the penis lengthen.

A penis that does not get normal erections could cause shortening of the penis because the tissue within the penis could shrink and become less elastic which could make the penis at least 1 to 2 centimetres shorter.

4. Men Could Give Themselves Self-Pleasure

According to Men’s Health, 1 out of 400 men are actually able to perform oral sex on themselves.

5. It Is Possible For Man To Break Their Penis

penis fracture If you did not know, there is such thing as a penis fracture and this occurs in 200 American men every year.

The reasons for breaking the penis could be because of aggressive masturbation, intercourse that is very violent and forms of sexual acrobatics.

6. For Ejaculation, The Brain Is Not Needed

When men ejaculate, it actually comes directly from the spinal cord and not the brain.Those facts might be quite new to you and things that you never thought about until now. Who ever thought those facts were actually true.

What Is The Deal With Penis Girth Enlargement?

Since there are many men that feel that their penis is not large enough, many pharmaceutical companies have come up with several products, exercises, treatments and more to help in increasing the penis size.

Penis Girth EnlargementFor those men who wish that they were bigger down there, it is now actually possible to add a few more centimetres and even inches to their size.

Of course when it comes to using any type of product or treatment for your body, make sure to consult your health care professional beforehand. Since they know your medical history, they will have more knowledge about what is safe and effective for you.

There is such thing as a penis girth extender. This is a non-invasive device that stretches out the penis by traction. Studies have shown that it could possibly increase the penis size around ½ to 1 inch.

Jelqing is an exercise that is a rolling motion which says to move blood to the head of your penis and helps stretch it. It is a safe practice for all men but a doctor should still be consulted before trying it out just to be sure.

ProExtender SystemCollaborative products such as ProExtender System could also be used to help increase the penis size.

Many doctors recommended it in 29 different countries because it does not cause damage and pain to the male genital area. It was also designed and developed by a medical doctor who has mastered the treatment of penis enlargement.

There are also pills, oils and lotions that are also made available for those men that are looking for ways to lengthen their penis. Your health care professional has more knowledge about what actually works that is also safe for your body.

Penis pumps and vacuum pumps are also used in treatment for those men with erectile dysfunction. They are known to help exercise the penis which could also result in its increase.

As you can see there are many products, treatments and devices that could help in penis girth enlargement. It really depends on what is best for your body in which your doctor is the best person to ask regarding that topic.

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