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Rhythm Heaven: How to Reach Sex Nirvana

Rhythm Heaven: How to Reach Sex Nirvana

There is good sex, there is great sex, and then there is amazing sex. That last level is one that very few people are actually able to reach. It takes a lot of practice and most importantly, preparation, to reach such an elevated level. However, “sex nirvana,” as we shall call it from now on, is not unattainable.
enjoyable activitySex is an activity that both parties can enjoy mutually. However, can both parties enjoy it just as much as the other? Absolutely, yes. Sex is an extremely enjoyable activity.
However, the reason why so many men or women fail to enjoy it, is because they are unable to think about the other party.
Most men are just into sex because they enjoy getting off. Banging a hot chick is the ultimate dream for some men, after all. However, do you want her to remember you long after the sex is over? To do that, you need to take a few steps to make sure you don’t give her what she is expecting from you, or any other man out there.
You need to give her something special, something extra. Does a bigger dick count? Yes, but not much. The average sized dick is all that you need, so don’t go clicking on any Ron Jeremy ads out there.
But the question remains, how do you reach sex nirvana? How do you reach a level of sexual pleasure that makes you feel out of this world? As the saying goes, nothing is impossible.But, you will have to prepare for it avidly. You cannot just go out in to the battlefield – the bed, in this case – without preparing yourself both mentally and physically.
 how do you reach sex nirvana?Ideally, if you really want to make her, and yourself feel out of this world, there are a few requirements you should be able to meet.
First of all, make sure that you are able to last for at least 20 minutes, which is the absolute minimum, but the more the better. Why 20 minutes? Because that’s the amount of time it takes for a woman to reach orgasm.
You want her to come, yes, but you don’t want her to fake it. And by lasting 20 minutes in bed, you will ensure that she will be squealing with pleasure underneath you. But you are probably wondering how to last 20 minutes in bed. Like any other man, your average moves between five and seven minutes. Okay, maybe 10, tops.
Well, you need to change your lifestyle for that. Start eating healthy foods, and begin to incorporate exercise into your daily life. To really get the best out of yourself in bed, you will need to make sure that your stamina doesn’t give out so easily.
Let me give you a guarantee beforehand. Once you do reach sex nirvana, anything less will not seem as enticing to you anymore. You will have crossed a threshold, turning you from a boy into a man in the world of sexual pleasure. And, now that your body and mind are mentally prepared, here are a few ways to really make her go crazy.

1. Begin With The Setting

mood before the sexThe mood before the sex act itself is of vital importance. You can’t just bang her out of this world, unless she’s really in the mood to get banged.
But how do you set the mood? Well, when you come home, don’t be grumpy. Make sure you send out signs that you have something special in store for her.
Next, set up the bedroom. Place bed sheets with a higher thread count on the bed, and light some scented candles. The important thing here is to make sure that you make the environment as comfortable and as soothing as possible.
Place a fresh vase of fragrant flowers or light incense. Make the environment as nice and as soothing as possible. Place a bottle of champagne on ice in the room for the two of you, so that when she enters, you can hand her a glass and really relax her.

2. Start With Some Sweet Talk

Though many might state otherwise, the power of words must not be discounted if you really want to take her over the top when doing it.Women love sweet talk, and if you are able to do it right, she will be itching to get started in bed before you have even given the slightest of hints of sex. But how do you begin?
Start With Some Sweet TalkStart in the most simplest of fashions, with a compliment. Give her a sweet compliment about her looks, and tell her how lucky you are to be with her. Instantly, this will result in her becoming happy inside. As you continue, this happiness inside of her will turn in to a longing for you.
And, you will soon begin to see her body language change to want you. She will begin to come closer to you, start touching you, which is your cue to really take her. But, not just yet.

3. Bring Her In

If you really want to reach sex nirvana, the first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is that she is the one you are catering to.Care for all of her demands, and leave her to care for yours.
Trust me, if you give her something extra, she will be inclined to give something extra in her performance, too, which will lead to an enjoyable experience for both of you.
Now when you bring her in to the room, she will obviously be amazed at the setting you have created. Start by handing her a glass of champagne, and begin talking dirty in her ear. Dirty talk is very important, as that will change the sweetness of your words in to the raw lust that you harbor for her.
handing her a glass of champagneBut you are probably wondering right now, “I’m about to make love to her, and before that, do I have to talk dirty to her?”
Yes, dirty talk leads her into a world of fantasy as her mind begins to create images of what you are going to do to her. This will get her turned on faster than ever before.

4. Fabulous Foreplay

Really, there is no alternative to foreplay. You can’t just plant a few kisses on her lips and shove your dick inside of her fancy parts.It doesn’t work like that. You have to take it slow. First, gently take off her clothes. Make it as seductive and as teasing as possible for her.
Unhook her bra strap while kissing her, and feel her boobs as the bra comes off.
For a woman, taking off the bra is a very relieving moment, so make sure you capitalize on it by gently caressing her boobs. Then, lay her down and start kissing her body.
Fabulous ForeplayKiss her nipples, run your tongue over her belly button, but don’t go down there just yet. You will only go south on her when she is absolutely craving for it. And right now, she is enjoying what you are enjoying.
Make sure you enjoy it, too. It is important that you do, because if she gets even the slightest of inkling that you are doing this forcefully, your whole experience will be ruined. Kiss her neck, suck her earlobes, suck her nipples and give her some good old-fashioned loving. By now, she is probably craving your mouth on her pussy. And you should give it to her.
Remember, this is all part of foreplay, and her senses are completely heightened right now. If you have a sensitive girl on your hands, she might even have orgasmed by now. But don’t worry, she will want more. This is just the beginning. Make sure you integrate variety in your licking of her pussy, so that she thoroughly enjoys it.

5. Sex Nirvana

Sex NirvanaThe most important step is when you take her. Be gentle when entering, and then start slowly. Most men are brutal when putting their dick inside a woman’s vagina. But, that is because they are only thinking about their own pleasure. You need to avoid that.
Instead, focus on the woman’s pleasure. Start moving your dick slowly inside of her, and watch her body move beneath you.
Take note of her body language and her movements, as that will give you an idea of whether she is actually enjoying what you are doing. If she is, there will be a gentle smile on her face and her hips will begin to move along with your rhythmic motions. I
t won’t be long before she will be replicating the motions, and your bodies will be intertwined with one another. Now, you should be able to last 20 minutes. And if you can, it is very likely that she will orgasm multiple times with your dick inside of her. By the time you climax, she will be so spent that all she would want is to cuddle with you and go to sleep.
proextendersystemIf she wants control, give it to her. Lay back and let her move, but don’t stop moving of your own accord.
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The more you attend to her needs, the greater will be the response she will give you. You want to make sex amazing for both of you. But, for that, you need to trust each other. Don’t worry if she isn’t able to respond the same way you did in the first attempt. She will be even better in the next one. It is all about trusting your partner, and enjoying sex.

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