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The 10 Strangest Sex Research Studies of All Time      

The 10 Strangest Sex Research Studies of All Time      

Sex can often be taboo. We love it, we desire it, but we never really talk about it too much. Good thing we have scientists all around the world who are willing to answer all of our sexy questions.
Interestingly enough, studies into our sexual lives have been being conducted for years now. With this onslaught of sex talk in our society nowadays, we are beginning to hear more and more about studies conducted to look into our sexual desires, fantasies and sex lives.
scientistYou can rest easy tonight knowing that there are scientists all around the world looking into your most pressing questions, such as how many people really want to have sex with an animal? Or what is the likelihood that someone near you is whacking off while driving? Worry not, dear friend.
Somewhere out there, there is a busy scientists looking into these extremely important questions for you.
Continue reading to hear about some interesting sex research that we have found. We guarantee your jaw will drop at least once.

1. How Wild Are You?

A study in 2014 conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, they found some bizarre results. The purpose of the study was to gain insight into the commonality of sexually deviant fantasies. These scientists explored questions such as, exactly how many people share fantasies, what are these fantasies, and how crazy can they get?
Sexual MedicineWell, the report definitely did not disappoint anyone’s desire for insanely odd and freaky findings. The study showed that approximately three percent of the participants, which included both men and women, reported that they would get it on with an animal.
An additional three percent of these participants admitted to having fantasies about their partner urinating on them during a sexual act. Please note, however, that no one delved into their desire for the wild animal urinating on them. That was just a little too farfetched for this animalistic study.

2. Sometimes Size Really Is Not The Issue

Certainly, everyone always assumes that the guys with the rock hard, massive penises are the ones who get all of the action.However, some scientists, who are probably not as well-endowed as they like, decided to embark on this assumption and find the truth behind it.
The information they found was alarming. While we assume that bigger is better, these scientists boast finding the exact opposite to be the case. According to this study, women report not enjoying a large penis. A large penis means uncomfortable and sometimes painful sex.
bigger is betterSo cheer up, guys. This study found that women who encounter a large penis are highly likely to look elsewhere. Think you don’t measure up? Well think again, pal. There’s still hope for the little guys everywhere.

3. The Road To Ultimate Pleasure

We have all been there. You are stuck in traffic with your partner next to you.The radio stinks and there is absolutely no form of entertainment whatsoever for the next 10 miles or however long it is until this rubber necking is over. What’s that? Oh, that’s right. Let’s have sex.
So, the chances are that you can’t full out do it in traffic. But, you know what you can do? Road head. Sound like risky business? Well someone at the University of South Dakota thought it would be interesting to study the different sexual activities people participate in while driving.
Why would they do this? Well, probably because there is not much else going on in South Dakota. The findings were not really that surprising. The majority of participants claimed to partake in road head, despite this being a very large distraction while driving.
masturbating while drivingHowever, one finding of this study that did surprise scientists was the fact that around eleven percent of the participants admitted to masturbating while driving.
Hey, it’s not road head, but it’s the next best thing.Thus, the next time you see a guy slow cruising on the highway, give him a thumbs up and don’t break his groove. After all, who doesn’t deserve a little handy during their long commute home?

4. Sleeping Around Saves You from Cancer

The next time your partner is upset that you slept with another woman, just remind her that you just saved yourself from prostate cancer. That’s right. A study from the University of Montreal has proven that multiple orgasms, approximately 20 a month of more, can protect you from prostate cancer.
However, the better finding from this study was that the different number of women you have sex with can also lower your risk of prostate cancer.This finding, according to scientists, can be true for a few different reasons.
Sslept with another womantudies show that men who sleep around with different women are at a higher rate of having orgasms, and therefore experience a larger quantity of orgasms. Thus, they have a lower rate of having prostate cancer.
Therefore, if you really care about your health then you’ll go out there and give it all you have got.

5. The Truth Behind The Beard

It seems as though there is always a new study conducted about facial hair and attractiveness. One day Cosmopolitan is telling us that we need to grow a burly beard, and the next it says to shave. One scientist from Australia was clearly fed up and sought to take a different angle on this study, and that he did.
Through this study of facial hair, one Australian scientist found that it is not so much the type of facial hair that makes a man attractive.Instead, it is the type of facial hair as compared to the other men around him. Meaning, this study found that women are more interested in individuality than the type of facial hairstyle itself.
BeardSo what this means for you, guys, is that you need to make your facial hair different from those around you. Surrounded by clean-shaven guys?
Grow a beard. Living with a bunch of lumberjacks who all look like Paul Bunyon? Shave your beard. It’s as simple as that.

6. The Extinct Fish Discovered Sex

Clearly they have a lot of sexy questions in the land down under, because another Australian scientist wanted to explore the first species to ever have sex on earth.We know that is the question that is burning on everyone’s minds.
An Australian team of researchers discovered that a type of armored fish swam in the waters of present-day Scotland approximately 430 million years ago. According to these researchers, this type of fish, more specifically the Microbrachius Dicki, no we are not kidding, was the first species to ever bang it out. So, the next time you are having great sex, thank the Microbrachius Dicki for setting the trend.

7. Politics Do Belong In The Bedroom

pheromonesAs opposed to those fishy Australians, scientists up at Brown University had a different sexy question on their minds.
Of course, it had to do with politics and other educational mumbo jumbo like that, but the findings are nonetheless bizarre.
In a study conducted to link attractiveness to natural scent, Brown University scientists found that your natural body odors and pheromones vary according to your political party. According to this study, you are much more likely to be attracted to the natural scent of a person who shares your political ideologies.
Naturally, you are also likely to be disinterested to those natural scents of anyone opposed to your political party. Politics tend to be pretty boring. Let’s get to another bizarre sex study.

8. The French Foot Fetish

attraction to female footwearSomeone in France thought it would be a great idea to study the likelihood of men’s attraction to female footwear.
We know, someone somewhere had a foot fetish, but wait until you hear about the findings.
The study was conducted on the streets of France with women all sporting very similar attire. The only difference was their footwear. Half of the women wore flats while the others dawned stilettos.
When all of these women asked for directions, the women wearing stilettos were helped out 83 percent of the time. How did the women in flats fare? They were assisted 47 percent of the time.
Truly, men in France are likely to help with directions, but if you want to ensure that you are never lost then wear some sexy stilettos.

9. Sex That Is Best For Your Back

Back pain can be a real burden. Clearly someone at the University of Waterloo in Canada wanted to improve their sexual performance despite their sore back,
because the scientists there sought to find the sexual positions that would work best for someone with back pain.
Back painThe results were pretty straightforward. Scientists had to watch couples have sex in the lab, yes you heard that correctly, the scientists had to measure the spine profiles during sex.
After examining the spinal curvatures during sex, scientists concluded that doggy style is best for anyone having pain while leaning forward. In contrast, anyone having pain while arching backwards should have sex in a side by side position, such as spooning.

10. Stop Doing The Laundry

You know that a man conducted this study because the results claim that men who help out around the house are less likely to have sex.The study concluded that men who help out around the house with chores such as laundry, dishes and overall cleaning had sex 1.5 fewer times as compared to their lazy cohorts.
Enough of these weird sex studies. Let’s talk about one study that works to help you become better in the bedroom. According to they offer an effective and safe product that will help enlarge, straighten, and harden your penis.
What do you have to lose? Clearly, some scientific studies have been weirder than figuring out how to achieve a larger penis.

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