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The 6 Silliest Sexual Encounters in Modern Fiction

Silliest Sexual Encounters in Modern Fiction

There is no such thing as weird and unconventional when it comes to sex. In fact, it is just a matter of perception and preference, depending on whom you are talking to. Take the case of sex toys. Some women love the idea of a dildo inside them and even prefer it more than the actual you-know-what. Case in point: Japanese or any other Asian porn.
On the other hand, there are women who prefer that you do the work, with no back up from dildos, vibrators or whatever sex toy you can find – and improvise. They want to know if you are good enough and able to please them in the bedroom department.
sex toyIf you think this is getting weirder, then check out comic books and modern fan fiction. Surprisingly, even modern fiction is not exempt from the silliest sexual encounters that are a product of equally silly minds of silly people.
No matter how creative it may be, these silly sexual encounters are a combination of bizarre, gross and definitely unappealing for the young minds.

1. Teen Titan’s Robin And Wonder Girl In Dead Body Clone Juice

Are you familiar with Superboy? He happens to be Robin’s best friend and Wonder Girl’s boyfriend.Apparently, superheroes die too,since they have a human counterpart, right? Of course, Superboy is not exempted.In its 36th comic edition, the story revolved on Robin’s grief and his secret attempt to clone Superboy in the basement. Unfortunately,
Wonder Girl he wasn’t successful in bringing his best friend back to life,so out of disappointment, Robin smashes the clone jar and Superboy’s dead body juice spills everywhere onto the basement floo
Thatdoesn’t end there. Here comes Wonder Girl, who discovers Robin’s experiment. She was mad at first for not telling her,but thereafter, tears started flowing. It must be grief, pain or Wonder Girl’s lack of action in bed that the two shared a passionate kiss, hoping to find comfort through each other.
Then they collapsed on the floor to finish off what they started, exactly where Superboy’s dead body juice is.
Now, that is threesome in the weirdest and silliest way possible. At least they get to share that moment with Superboy, right?

2. Superman And Lois Lane Get Married

There will always be a hanging question whether or not Superman, as Superman and not as Clark Kent, and Lois ever tied the knot. To answer everyone’s question, Marvel released a series where Superman marries Lois Lane. Being the overprotective superhero that he is, Superman decides to keep their marriage secret and locks Lois in the Fortress of Solitude.
SupermanOf course, who would want to be Rapunzel or Fiona – of Shrek that is – for the rest of her life, right? Despite Superman’s reluctance, Lois announces their marriage.
Wrong move. Lois becomes the target of the bad guys and overpriced merchandise, so much so, it becomes difficult for Superman to decide who he should protect first.
To protect his wife, in case he’s not around, the Man of Steel builds a protective vehicle that even kryptonites cannot penetrate. Obviously, Lois regrets her decision of telling the whole world about her marriage. Despite being married to Superman, Lois is also a prisoner who lives in God knows where for the rest of her life. Worse, she has no one to talk to, but a bunch of robots that have no idea what they are talking about.
However, is there anything worse than getting married to a superhero, whois actually a human being that you constantly talk to and consider as your friend, yet not know about it? Talk about mistaken identity at its finest. Or the proper term is deception.

3. Ant Man And Sex With The Dead Best Friend’s Girlfriend On His Grave

Have you tried having sex in the cemetery, let alone on top of someone else’s grave? If you are feeling adventurous and the spookiness in a cemetery doesn’t scare you, then this is okay. Take it from Ant Man, aka Eric O’Grady.
Ant ManThere was an episode in Ant Man series where Eric’s best friend, Chris, dies during a mission. Eric tells the news to Veronica, his best friend’s girlfriend, and they spend the next week travelling together to Chris’s hometown for his funeral.
Apparently, death brings people closer together, and this is what happens to Eric and Veronica. They found comfort in each other’s arms that right after the funeral, they had sex – almost.
It may be the perfect recipe for typical romance story. The catch here is that they had sex right after the funeral while standing on the “freshly piled dirt atop Chris’ earthly tomb.” You would think that they will have sex as soon as they got home, but libido kicked in so bad, they had to do it right then and there and under the rain. Worse, Chris died a week beforehand.
Thankfully, Veronica got a hold of her senses and she was able to stop everything before it turned into the full-fledged deed. Sadly for Eric, he gets left in Chris’s graveyard, all wet, alone and with a rock-hard boner he never gets to use.

4. Robin And The Huntress’s Secret Love Affair

RobinYou already know that Huntress, aka Helena Wayne, is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. On the other hand, Robin, aka Dick Grayson, is Batman’s young protégé who was practically raised by Batman himself.
In one of the comic issues, Helena and Dick go to the training center to exercise. It must be the sweat, the sight of skin and the pseudo-gymnastics they are doing that turns them on.
Biologically speaking, they are not siblings, which is a perfect excuse for them to have sex all they want.
The problem is these two are raised by the same people and lived in the same house at the same time, which makes it wrong on all angles.
To make things worse, Dick just barges in Helena’s room anytime he wants. His timing is right, because every time he does, Helena has just stepped out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around her naked body.
A piece of advice: don’t follow Robin’s example. If you have a stepsister, please be a protective stepbrother. This doesn’t give you any license to assert yourself and force your man down there inside her any time you want.

5. Tarantula And Nightwing

BatmanIf you think Robin’s attempts on Helena are unacceptable, then wait until you read this one.
For the non-comic fans, Robin adopted the Nightwing character after being Batman’s protégé – and his relationship with Helene did not work out. On the other hand, Tarantula is Nightwing’s protégé who he decided to mentor.
In one of the Nightwing episodes, Tarantula was having trouble-defeating Copperhead. Luckily, Nightwingcomes to save the day. Obviously, he won’t allow anything to happen to her ladylove and defends her against the evil Copperhead, to which he prevails.
After the fight, Tarantula leans over and attempts to kiss Nightwing. Since teacher-student relationships is not his thing and he started to be righteous after what happened with Helena, he walksaway. Eager to please, Tarantula follows her teacher and persistently tries to get in his pants but to no avail, at least not for long.
Tarantula consistently followsNightwing, hoping to succeed. In the next episodes, Tarantula was successful in having sex with Nightwing, despite his protests and in the weirdest way possible – on the streets, under the rain, while he is injured and immobile. The correct term in this scenario is “rape,” although for sure, Nightwing writer Devin Greyson did not intend it to be quite that way.

6. Angel And Husk’s Sex In Midair

AngelWhat is the most outrageous thing you’ve done when it comes to sex? Sex in public? Sex on the beach?
Having sex on the floor while your parents are in their bed and sleeping soundly? What about sex while in the air? Yes, that is possible, except that you and your girl don’t have wings.
Take the case of Husk. Husk, also known as Paige Guthrie, may be one of the less popular characters in X-Men. However, her power is something you can’t help but notice. Husk can transform into any element she wants after physically pulling the skin from her body.
Don’t get grossed out just yet. In this episode of the Uncanny X-Men series, the whole X-Men crew is in Kentucky at Husk’s mother’s house. She had a brief fling with Angel,who is 12 years older than she is. One day, Husk hears Angel confiding to her mother about Husk’s powers. Husk makes up for it through a passionate kiss.
Things started to heat up and being mutants, Angel carried her into the sky where they made love up there – naked. To make matters worse, they are doing the deed just above the house of Husk’s mother where the mom is dying of embarrassment.
As to what happened when they descended from the air, you have to let your imagination work this time.
Will you still look at comics and modern fiction the same way again?

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