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The Irresistible Man's Mini-Guide to the Science of Sexy 

The Irresistible Man's Mini-Guide to the Science of Sexy 

When questioned, most men will admit that they would love to be the ultimate babe magnet. Can you imagine anyone turning down that opportunity? The sensation of having women gravitate towards you is simply incomparable to any other.So, why not cease the opportunity to make this happen?
Would you believe us if we tell you that we hold the secrets to make you more of a chick magnet? It’s true. Experts claim that you do not need to be an Adonis or Brad Pitt to woo the women of your dreams. Instead, there are different ways you can become more attractive. Want to know how? Here we have listed about seven different ways that you, yes you, can become the irresistible man you have always wanted to be.

1. It Could Be So Simple As An Outfit Change

examine what you are wearingLet’s start off simply, shall we? You truly are what you eat, and you are also only as confident as your outfit allows you to be.
Therefore, take a look at your clothes and examine what you are wearing.
We are not saying you have to go out in a business suit every day of your life, but dressing confidently can in turn attract others towards you.
Women are very observant of a man’s dress.So, do your best to constantly impress. Perhaps you should think twice before wearing those pajama pants out in public the next time you leave the house for a burrito.

Our Down And Dirty Trick

Instead of completely wiping out your closet and starting anew, there are a few minor changes you can make to your style that will help attract the ladies. For starters, analyze the colors that you are wearing.
man wears redYou might think that a certain color looks good on you, but believe it or not there are some symbolic meanings behind different colors.
Any time a man wears red, he is portraying the message that he is a bold, powerful guy.Women are attracted to confident and assertive guys.So, send this subtle message by wearing more red the next time you are out and about.
There are a few other ways to become more attractive, and some of them are as easy as wearing a different shirt.

2. No Shave November? More Like No Shave Ever

The results are in. Women love facial hair. Now, listen and listen good, guys. We are not talking about a Paul Bunyon full on lumberjack beard here.When we say to grow in some facial hair, we are referring to that sexy, stubble look.

Our Down And Dirty Trick

Women love facial hairIf you can afford it, go a day or two without shaving and try this look on for size. Of course, if your job or lifestyle does not allow it then you might have to sit this one out. However, if it is doable for you then we recommend you try it. What easier way is there to become sexier than to skip the shaving process?
Make sure to keep your stubble neat and tidy, though. If it becomes a little too unruly then give yourself a close shave and start over. The great thing is if you don’t like it, then you can always just shave it of.Changing your shirt and skipping the razor are all easy fixes. This next one doesn’t even require any other materials other than, well, you.

3. Your Body Has Its Own Language

There are countless books and articles covering the art of body language. Any man looking to become irresistible should study up on body language and posture. As we have mentioned, women love confident and assertive men. Thus, naturally your body position can give away your attitude.
wearing tailored suitsImagine two men sitting on a bench in the park. Both men are wearing tailored suits.
But, the one guy is on his phone in an upright position, whereas the other gentleman is slumped over, talking into his phone and staring at the ground.
Who looks more appealing? It’s true. Attractiveness is not just about what you wear and how many abs you can count. How you present yourself is also important.

Our Down And Dirty Trick

Before purchasing every body language book you can find, look into our quick and easy tricks first. For starters, work on your eye contact. A woman will find it irresistibly sexy if you make steady, consistent eye contact with her.
Be careful, though. You can easily look like a serial killer or psychopath if you make too much eye contact. Be confident in your eye connection, but do break away every now and then.
confident in yourselfIn addition to eye contact, you can easily work on your posture. Wherever you are, sit up straight and practice poise.
It sounds rather feminine, but your posture says a lot about your confidence.
Need we remind you want happens when a woman thinks you are confident in yourself ? That’s right. Panties drop.
Changing your body posture and eye contact is an easy way to fake confidence or appear a little more sure of yourself than you actually feel. So,far all of our tips and tricks have been relatively easy. Let’s see if this next one keeps up with the pattern.

4. Look Less Happy

Certainly, women love a big smile. By all means, keep taking care of your teeth and take care that when you do smile, it is fantastic.However, it is recommended that you stop excessively smiling if you want to become the irresistible man.
women love a big smileWhy is this the case? Science is proving that women are attracted more to seriousness than comedy.
It’s great to make women laugh and all, but you are much more elusive and attractive if you withhold the smile every now and then. According to scientists, smiling is much less dominant than not smiling.
Our Down And Dirty Trick
If you find yourself to be more of a jokester, then this one might be difficult for you. However, it is definitely certain that you will appear as more of an alpha male if you come across as more serious. Therefore, try to be more conscious of your grin.
The next time you are talking with someone you would like to attract, make a conscious effort not to smile so much. If you can’t help it, then crack a little grin as opposed to that large cheese of yours. We guarantee that she will love this new confident and dominant you

5. Get Your Gym On

musclesWomen love muscles, sweat and six packs. We already know that ideally we would all have chiseled, rock-hard bodies to become the irresistible man, but perhaps it might be a little easier than we thought.
Studies are proving that women are not necessarily attracted to six packs. Instead, it is the fact that you are working out that makes you attractive.
Our Down And Dirty Trick
Just become more active. You do not need to run right to a gym and bench press 300 pounds to become irresistible. Instead, do some athletic things with your partner. Go for a hike, play a round of tennis, or take your dog to the park. All of these activities make you appear much more in shape than sitting on your couch playing videogames.
Speaking of taking your dog to the park, let’s move on to our next way to

6. Hot Diggity Dog, You Need To Get A Dog

Get A DogThe results are in. Women are much more attracted to a guy with a dog. Any type of dog will do.
If you are pretty low maintenance and not looking to entertain a dog all of the time, then research into the giant breeds of dogs.
If you like to be on the go and want a hiking companion, then a hunting dog might suit you more. Either way, if you want to become that irresistible man we speak of, then you better get on your dog game.
Studies are showing that men with dogs get what they want. In fact, a guy is three times more likely to get a phone number if they have a dog with them.
Our Down And Dirty Trick
If you don’t want to commit to buying a dog, see if you can borrow one for the day. We guarantee that your buddy would like a dog sitter the next time he’s out of town. Little Fido is sure to love being your sidekick. After all, dogs like attention, too. This way you both get pet in happy places.

7. It’s All About The Acoustics

listened to your voicemailHave you ever listened to your voicemail recording on your phone? No? Okay, go ahead and do that and we will wait.
Now, did you sound like a sexual deviant or a balloon deflating into thin air? Regardless of the way you think you sound, you will always sound differently to others than you do in your own head.
Science is proving that women swoon over a much more masculine, deeper voice. According to scientists, our pitch is indicative of our size.Therefore, whereas a high pitch woman might seem like she is 5’2” with 110 pounds of attractive weight on her, your high pitch might seem like your penis grows inward.
Our Down And Dirty Tricks
Be careful when you are looking to change the pitch of your voice.We often perceive people differently based off of the way they talk.So, be sure to be conscious of your pitch.
ProExtenderSystemStart off by consciously lowering your pitch in your head. This in turn will lower the pitch others hear, and if you do it subtly than you can gauge their reactions.
The second you start to sound like Barry White, stop immediately.
If these down and dirty tricks are not quite what you are looking for, then we do have one last one that is certain to make you happy in your trousers. Literally. Try making your penis larger. It sounds ridiculously impossible.
But, there are actually many reputable penis enlargement systems out there on the market. For example, try to purchase an effective yet safe means to make your penis larger, more firm, and straight.

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