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Top 10 Mistakes Men Make When It Comes to Sex


Men and sex are two different concepts that go together. When it comes to sex, expect you and your fellow dudes to know everything about it, at least that’s what you’re making yourself believe. Unfortunately, some women love to gossip and share even the most intimate details about their experience with you in bed. It turns out that you may not be the seasoned sex guru that you assume yourself to be.
To save your reputation, you decide to turn to your best friend – Google. You want to make sure that you will give her the best sex life she will ever have, but you just don’t know how and where to start. Don’t worry. It doesn’t take a degree to give your girl the best sexual experience.
Here are 10 mistakes you need to avoid in bed, so she will surely come back for more.

1. Not Setting The Mood

see her nakedAdmit it. You don’t care if your dirty clothes are on the floor. As long as you get laid, you’re good to go.
You could easily turn on your libido switch once you see her naked on your bed. Apparently, that’s not how it works for women.
Women pay attention to the tiniest detail. This means a cluttered bedroom could easily tick her off and makes her forget about sex. Therefore, cleaning up and getting rid of clutter in your pad could do a lot.
More so, unlike you, women need some form of buildup to get them in the mood. Sex shouldn’t start in the bedroom alone. Kiss her, give her a hug, hold her hand and show how much you appreciate her even before you step inside the bedroom. The more you make her feel secure, the better the sex will be.

2. Skipping Foreplay

There are instances when both you and your girl are in the mood, you agreed to forego foreplay. That’s fine. Getting caught up in the heat of the moment could be pleasurable.
Skipping ForeplayHowever, this doesn’t happen all the time. At the same time, ramming and forcing your manhood in her could be painful and uncomfortable.
Therefore, take time to give her pleasure down there. Think of foreplay as an appetizer. She needs this before she proceeds to the main course, which is the actual penetration. A passionate kiss, sensual massage, lustful strokes all over her body and pushing that button down there could make a lot of difference.
It’s only takes a few minutes, so make sure you give it to her.

3. Too Much Foreplay

Skipping foreplay is a big no-no, especially when the situation calls for it. On the other hand, too much of it isn’t good too. What does this mean? One of the best ways to pay attention to your ladylove’s needs is by providing her pleasure down south. However, you need to take it easy.

You don’t have to spend the entire hour caressing her body, licking her all over and trying as many things as you can in bed to give her pleasure.
Paying too much attention on her clitoris could also be painful. Poke it too hard and you will hear her scream – in pain.
Relax and take it easy. Mix things up between the sheets to provide balance. Plus, spending too much time down there might bore her, too.

4. Focusing Only Down There

What are the areas in your partner’s body do you usually pay attention to during your steamy session? Most of the time, you focus on her ears, neck, breasts and the package waiting for you down south.
erogenous zonesUnlike men, women have tons of erogenous zones on the menu, aside from what was mentioned above. Oftentimes, these sensitive areas are less obvious, most men don’t pay attention to them. Examples of these are the forearms, back of the knees and feet.
The next time you are in bed, make sure to spend time examining your ladylove’s body. A simple but sensual kiss and stroke starting from her head, to her collarbone, to her back, then hips and down to her toes will surely send a tingling sensation all over her body and drive her crazy.
The best part about focusing on her entire body and not just the obvious pleasure areas is that she sure knows how to reciprocate.

5. Moving Too Fast

Moving Too FastMost of the time, women don’t want sex after the first date. In fact, it’s going to take a while before she agrees to sleep with you.
Hence, practice restraint whenever you two are together.
Moving too fast and bringing her in a tacky motel room while hoping for a steamy night give her the impression that you are only after one thing – and she doesn’t like that.
Just take it easy. Sex is also about timing. The more you practice restraint, the better the results will be once you both are ready for some action. Remember, all good things come to those who wait.

6. Ignoring Her Body Language

Most women don’t often say the things they like and don’t like in bed. Unless you two have been going out for quite some time, she probably won’t open up and tell you pointblank what she wants in bed.
Ignoring Her Body LanguageShe expects you to be sensitive enough to know her needs. Since you’re neither a mutant nor Professor X, the best way to check if she loves what you are doing is to pay attention to her body language.
Notice how she responds to your touch. Pay attention to how she reacts when you kiss her or lick certain areas. If she starts to become tense, or she moves her body in a certain way, or tries to pull away, then you could be too rough or she doesn’t like what you are doing. Otherwise, get your head in the game and shake things up in bed.

7. Not Wearing Any Protection

Unless you are having sex with your wife and you are trying to get pregnant, wear protection at all times. Fine, it could kill the mood if you pull away for a minute to put on that rubber.
ProtectionHowever, foregoing protection is not only putting you at risk for sexually transmitted diseases but also a sign of being disrespectful.
At the same time, it is a sign of being reckless on your part, which is not a good thing.
Always keep this in mind: “A gentleman always puts his lady first.” Wear protection or be sorry.

8. Saying No To Cuddling

As soon as you reached climax, your body – and that of your girl – releases oxytocin or the cuddle hormone. This explains why women feel the need to cuddle and be extra clingy after sex. Unfortunately, most men come up with lame excuses, so they can go to sleep right afterwards.
That’s not how it should be. Before you use the bathroom or go to sleep, make sure to allot five to 10 minutes of your time for some pillow talk. If you can, wait for her to fall asleep before doing your own thing. You don’t need to talk about your future at this point. Having a few minutes cuddle time makes her feel that this is more than just getting laid.

9. Assuming You Know What She Wants

Assuming You Know What She Wants
Since when did you become a mind reader? Did you know that up to 80 percent of women fake their orgasm at some point in their lives?
Women are good at this, you might not notice that they are faking it at times.
There are various reasons why women but do this, but the bottom line is they just want to get the sex done and over with.
Therefore, it pays a lot to ask about her preferences, wants, needs and even directions on how to go around her body. Never assume that she wants this and that because a simple mistake could be fatal in your sex life.
Ask for directions. It won’t hurt you.

10. Being Disrespectful

Being DisrespectfulYou’ve seen it in porn and other Hollywood movies. Men and society look at women as a sex symbol or someone they could pay to provide them pleasure.
Even porn movies have clips that depict women as sex slaves and they are enjoying it. Sorry guys, but you live in a modern world where women are considered as equals.
Therefore, treat women with respect both in and out of the bedroom, regardless whether she is your wife or girlfriend – or a new date. Don’t act like a porn star and don’t expect her to perform like what you see in adult movies.
Graphic dirty talk and calling her names might not be a good idea, either. This could be degrading for her and the next thing you know, she’s walked out of the room.
Be sensitive to her feelings. Respect is a two-way process. If you don’t show respect to her, then don’t be surprised if she does the same thing to you.
Don’t be like most guys who only think of themselves and about getting laid. Be sensitive and considerate – be the better guy. Watch out for these things and make sure you won’t do anything included in the list.

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