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Top 7 Blunders You've Probably Made in the Bedroom

Blunders You've Probably Made in the Bedroom

One of the unfortunate circumstances of being a human being is that none of us is 100 percent perfect. We all have made our share of mistakes and regrettably, some of them have occurred within the bedroom.
If you have ever felt like you had an epic fail in the bedroom, then you can take some solace in the fact that you are not alone. Men and women all over the world are fessing up to their mistakes between the sheets, and we have capitalized on them.
Below you will find a list of the top seven blunders that men have commonly made in the bedroom:

1. Properly Preparing The Pad

mistakes and regrettablyBefore being given the opportunity to score, some men make the mistake of not having the proper setting.
We are not saying that you need to have a huge mansion full of romantic objects, even though that would definitely be a score, but you need to make the atmosphere comfortable for her, too.
We are also not talking about where you take her on the date. We are referring to the place in which you plan to have sex. Think about it: you could have the best night out at an extravagant dinner, maybe a romantic movie, but all of that can go crashing and burning rapidly if you have a disgustingly dirty or cluttered house.
Our advice is to make sure that the place is at least presentable. This means to clean your laundry and not have a hamper that is bulging at the seams. Make sure all dishes are done, or at least stowed away in the dishwasher. Empty all garbage; yes even the garbage that has not found its way to the garbage bin yet.
Clean up your couches and bedClean up your couches and bed. You never know where the two of you may end up, so make sure everything smells good and is nice and tidy. You could take it a step further by making sure you have a bottle of wine and some sensual music handy.
Once you have your lady in your house, there are a few other ways that you can mess up, so keep reading to make sure you do not fall prey to any of our other common blunders.

2. Foregoing Foreplay Too Frequently

Arguably, sometimes foreplay is not necessary. There are those awesome moments of bursting passion that must be acted on then and there, even if it is in the bathroom of a fast-food restaurant.However, there are also other times when your lady would like to be coddled just a little bit.
We are not exactly suggesting that you spend hours upon hours building her up, but if you rush to get her pants off every single time, then she will eventually lock them up for good. Foreplay can be as simple as caressing her, kissing her gently, or whispering in her ear. Nothing too special is necessary. However, she may appreciate if you do perform a little more.
get her pants offForeplay can become a magical art for the two of you if you practice it correctly. Take it outside of the house. Give her a sensual look and whisper in her ear before you even get her home.
We guarantee that the car ride home will be enjoyable. If, of course, you really want to pull out all the stops then there are a few sensuous moves you can make.
Let’s be honest for a minute here: oral sex for a woman is the crem-de-la-freaking-crem. If you can find it in your heart to perform oral on her before sex, then you surely will be sorry you neglected to go there. However, make sure that your timing is just right, or else you just might find yourself falling victim to our next blunder.

3. Timing Is Everything

You might think that because you did not pounce on her at dinner, in the car, or even up the stairs on the way to your place, that you have waited patiently.However, one of the most common mistakes that men make is that they move too quickly.
Timing Is EverythingJust because she has been giving you subtle hints before moving into the bedroom does not necessarily mean you have the green light to do whatever you please.
Sure, maybe she was caressing your knee on the couch or giving you a “come and get me” grin, but listen to use carefully when we say: do not pounce on her once you get her in the bedroom.
Take your time and practice more restraint, however hard it may be for you; we guarantee it will be worth your hard earned efforts. A woman loves a man who can build her up and practice a little patience; after all, that is one of the qualities a woman loves in a man: patience.
So get her on the bed, kiss and caress her, heck maybe you need to count to one hundred in your head – whatever does the job. Simply make sure that you are not moving too quickly. Make sure you are paying attention to her body language, or else you may find yourself making this next embarrassing blunder.

4. Not Paying Attention To Her Body Language

The art of body language is essential to relationships in general, not just the sexual ones. Understanding someone’s body language can be useful in the workplace, with family members, and of course, with the person you would like to make your lover.
pay attention to her body languageToo often, women are too shy to tell a man what they really want in bed, so it is pivotal that you pay attention to her body language. Women have many signs showing that they are uncomfortable, without them actually saying it.
She will tense up, move her body away from you, or make a facial expression that looks less than hot and horny.
Perhaps she is ticklish or you are being too rough. At the end of the day it does not matter. If she is uncomfortable, then you will not have the sexual encounter you were hoping for, and even more importantly you will make a woman feel uneasy.
Unfortunately, some men find themselves doing one thing in particular that can make a woman uncomfortable or uneasy.

5. So Many Sexual Positions, So Little Time

As men, you tend to have ideas of grandeur. Perhaps you have a new Kama Sutra book and you want to try out all of the positions; however, trust us when we say that this is a common blunder made by many a man.The issue is not that women are generally not open to trying new things. In fact, most women will open up and allow you to fulfill your fantasies, so long as they are okay with them.
Sexual PositionsYet, in order for a woman to be this comfortable with you, you have to be patient and take your time. Are you sensing a pattern here?
During the first few times you are intimate, do not rush it with her. For example, it is advisable to not try rear entry the first time you have sex.
Women will find this as a huge turn off. It may appear like this is everyday, common sex for you, and if you are always this freaky, then she will more than likely bolt. Unless, of course, she is a freak too, but the chances of your crazy sexual advances working in your favor are very slim.
Introduce new positions and fantasies slowly with her. Talk them out before you actually try them. We are not saying you need to bring this up during a dinner conversation, but it is definitely a conversation that you should have with your partner.
Having a healthy, communicative relationship with your partner will help you avoid this next unfortunate mistake.

6. Making A Disrespectful Move

Disrespectful MovePerhaps our society has become a bit misogynistic, but women are portrayed as sexual deviants in our culture. Women on the big screen love a rough and tough man to throw her around.
In movies, they do not mind being referred to as a female dog, and they are slapped around in bed, too.
It is extremely pertinent for you to separate these images you see on television from reality. A real woman does not want to be degraded, especially in the bedroom. Make sure that you both have a playful banter before you do something that you think is funny. Or perhaps you actually want to be rough and ejaculate on her face. In that case, we wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavors.
not comfortableThis blunder is commonly misinterpreted because a woman may be taken aback by your brashness. Instead of speaking up for herself, a woman may simple isolate herself and remove herself from the situation.
Therefore, you need to have some self-awareness in the bedroom to ensure that you are not being disrespectful.
Remember that something may not be disrespectful to you, but it may be to her. If you care about her, then you should care about what she is and is not comfortable with when it comes to sex.

7. The Disappearing Act

Stereotypically, women love to cuddle after sex. The release of dopamine that has occurred leaves them wanting to be close and spend time is natural and something that too many men ignore.
proextenderWe are not saying that you need to hold her and lay in bed staring at the ceiling for hours after you have sex, but leaving to go to the bar with your buddies after sex is simply ignorant.
Make sure that you are not repeatedly ditching her after sex. Of course, if it is an unplanned quickie, then there is probably somewhere that you need to be, but repeating this too many times becomes a blunder that many men make too often.
One more mistake that many men make is thinking that their equipment is more impressive than it really is. Want to make sure that you’re packing the firmest, most effective erection? Then visit a reputable website such as to find a minimally invasive, yet effective way to achieve impressive erections and sexual performance.

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