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Top 8 Perverts Throughout Human History

Perverts Throughout Human History

The term, “perversion,” is defined as abnormal or inappropriate sexual behavior. People who complete acts as perversion are known as perverts. They typically partake in socially unacceptable sexual acts such as sodomy, rape, incest and sadomasochism.
perverted Arguably, some are more perverted than others. There are a select few who are famous solely for their distinct perversion. Some of the perverts on this list may come as a surprise: men of dignity, wealth and social admiration.
However, your opinion of them might change after reading this list. From well-known serial killers to an infamous musical composer, there are myriads of perverts around us. Would we recognize them if they weren’t on this list?
Follow us as we discuss eight of the most well-known perverts throughout human history:

1. Sinister Perversion: Jeffrey Dahmer

Born in the 1960’s, Jeffrey Dahmer quickly became a serial rapist with a rap sheet for perversion. Jeffrey Dahmer’s life of perversion began at the age of 18.
From 1978 to 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer raped, murdered, and even dismembered over 17 boys and men.
Dahmer solely focused his perversion towards men, and his first murder took place immediately after he graduated high school. Jeffrey Dahmer lured Steven Mark Hicks into his vehicle, who was a fellow 18-year-old, hitchhiking on the side of the road.
Jeffrey Dahmer claims they went for drinks and hung out, but when Steven wanted to leave, Jeffrey simply did not want to oblige. Jeffrey struck Steven from behind with a dumbbell, strangled him to death, and masturbated over his corpse.
Dahmer claims he did not kill again until 1987. Before 1987, Jeffrey Dahmer frequented gay bathhouses, masturbated and was arrested for indecent exposure.
cold-blooded murderClearly, perversion was always a way of Jeffrey Dahmer, but it was his diabolical desires that turned his perversion into cold-blooded murder.
Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted of 15 murders and sentenced to life in prison by the late 1990’s. He was later murdered. Not all perverts are as sinister as Jeffrey Dahmer, such as Marquis de Sade. That’s right, this French aristocrat was perverted.

2. Aristocratic Perversion: Marquis De Sade

Perversion can occur within the confines of all social levels, and the aristocrats are no exception. It may come as a surprise to learn that perversion, particularly pornographic novels and the idea of sadism, existed in the late eighteenth century.The Marquis de Sade is popular for popularizing pornography and eroticism in a time when showing skin was not a trend.
The Marquis de Sade infamously famous for his liberal lifestyle; he made acquaintance with the “free thinkers” of his time and wrote erotic, pornographic novels. More importantly, this well-known pervert is responsible for the world of S&M.
Marquis De SadeThink about it; it is in his name. The Marquis de Sade coined the term, “sadism,” to be the idea of seeking pleasure from pain. The concept of “masochism” is present in the Marquis de Sade’s graphic novels, where women are physically inflicted for the enjoyment of the male protagonist.
The Marquis housed multiple sex slaves within his castle, and he even had his wife in on the secret. In fact, it was no secret, because one of his sex slaves escaped from the second story window one day.
Ultimately, the Marquis de Sade’s perversion landed him both in prison, and an insane asylum. Due to the writing of pornographic novels and sexual deviance, the Marquis was very familiar with a jail cell. Eventually, Napoleon Bonaparte grew so wary of the Marquis de Sade that he had him killed; talk about a buzz kill. Napoleon knew how to abruptly ruin a good time.
Other than a French aristocrat, there are some other historical perverts you may want to learn about.

3. Another Aristocratic Pervert

marry for the sake of sexPerhaps there was something in the royal air, but perverts existed amongst the wealthy, even earlier than the Marquis de Sade’s time. In England during the sixteenth century, Henry VIII made a perverted name for himself.
Mostly known for being the most dramatic and eccentric English monarch, Henry VIII was extreme in every sense of the word.
The man loathed the thought of marriage and was married over six times. He gorged himself full of food and became grotesquely obese, and eventually developed boils that covered his entire body.
Henry VIII is one of the most well-known perverts throughout history. And what is most interesting is that he was never really reprimanded for his deviance. He married more than six different times, interacted with countless other women, and had a sexual lust that many could not fulfill.
Henry VIII tampered with his religion to make it acceptable to marry for the sake of sex; and having a male heir, of course. Let’s talk about another pervert who manipulated religion to quench their sexual thirst.

4. Religious Perversion: Aleister Crowley

Aleister CrowleyAleister Crowley, a well-known occultist, is also a well-known pervert of the early twentieth century. Aleister is remembered as the founder of Thelema, a religion in which Aleister considered himself to be a prophet.
One aspect of Thelema is that everyone, including children, should surround themselves with sex. Yes, children of all ages, in fact he recommended that as soon as children have motor skills, then they should begin watching and learning about various sexual acts.
On a personal level, Aleister Crowley was a bisexual individualist who experimented with various drugs. These characteristics alone classified him as a pervert, but he possessed a few other characteristics that help prove him to be perverted.
Essentially, he founded a philosophy that sex should exist whenever and wherever anyone feels; nothing like a little public indecency law to put that theory down the toilet.

5. Infamous for Reasons Other Than Perversion

Now we stumble upon a celebrity who is not popular as a pervert. Sigmund Freud is highly revered as the founding father of psychiatry. Yes, that’s right, you have Freud to thank for your mandatory therapy sessions.Freud broke down the human psyche into three different personalities: the id, the ego and superego.
sexual impulseAccording to Freud, the id is responsible for sexual impulse, the ego is the more realistic of the three, and the superego works to balance the desires between the id and superego.
As fantastic as his findings were, what is more fantastic is the truth that Sigmund Freud was a pervert. Why you ask? Well, to start: Freud had an Oedipal complex; admittedly, Freud had a thing for his mother.
So, essentially we have Freud’s mother to thank for his research regarding libido and the stages of sexual development. While Freud never tampered with the sexuality of children, he studied the concepts closely; enough for us to deem him perverted.
Similarly to Freud, another infamous figurehead is better known for something other than their perverted ways.

6. Author Turned Pervert

James JoyceJames Joyce is highly renowned for his early modernist work. In fact, he is well-known for the creation of a new way of writing.
This English author structured his works in ways that was never been seen. For example, one of the chapters of a novel of his contained five letters – something no one had ever seen.
What others may not have seen were the nasty letters that James Joyce was writing in his golden days.
These nasty letters included one of James Joyce’s sexual deviances: flatulence. James Joyce wrote of his love for his wife Nora’s farts. Particularly, Joyce wanted her to fart in his face.
Don’t believe us? Look it up. You can find direct quotes easily online.

7. Ancient Perversion

Dating all the way back to 34 A.D., we have another well-known pervert: Caligula. Best known for succeeding Tiberius’ reign of the Roman Empire, Caligula was naturally adored.Apparently Tiberius was a downer and no one enjoyed his melancholy ways, so Caligula did not have large shoes to fill.

However, Caligula began lose the admiration of many when he started to kill for sport. That’s right, when Caligula became bored, he would send people to their death for fun. Particularly, he would send them to the lion’s pit.
When killing random people was not enjoyable any longer, Caligula would indulge in copious amounts of coitus. In fact, at one point in time, Caligula converted the palace into a brothel and filled it with the senator’s wives.
It is no wonder that the senate eventually assassinated Caligula. Let’s discuss one more pervert who may come as a shocking surprise.

8. Symphony No. Pervert

Best known for their musical compositions, this man was also quite the pervert. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was actually quite blatant about his perversion. Don’t believe us? Look up his song “Leck Mir Den Arsch Fein Recht Schon Sauber,” and you will soon learn that Mozart practiced and preached sexual deviance.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart You may need a translator to uncover the naughty lyrics of this song, since it is in German, and you may not even want to hear all of it. Let’s give you a teaser: it is about licking assholes.
That’s right, Mozart wrote musical compositions about assholes.
Do you fancy yourself a pervert? Hopefully you can connect with the more whimsical and sexually deviant perverts who do not inflict harm on others.
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